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Senior Pastor Mike Anderson

 Pastor Michael J. Anderson

    Baptized in the Holy Ghost and in Jesus Name at 6 years of age. Ordained in the ministry 1973 has been in the Apostolic and Prophetic Ministry for over 43 years, He started a great Revival church at 19 years of age in the inner city of Chicago, IL.

   He has been accompanied in his ministry by his beloved wife Kristene (Olson) (celebrating 32 years) she has been so supportive of his vision. Sis. Kristene also received the Holy Ghost and was baptized at a very young age She grew up with a sense of being called to work for the Lord. 

   Mike and Kris were childhood friends and as the Lord would have they fell in love and were joined in Marriage in 1981. Following Chicago they Pastored Apostolic UPC in Parkersburg, West Virginia, and now 22 years in Christ Church Houston, Christ Church was founded by Sis. Kristene’s parents Rev. Fred and Jean Olson (Baker) over 60 years ago. It is strong in Apostolic doctrine with the Pentecostal experience! “Where Pentecost is an Experience” is it’s theme.

   Pastor and Sis. Kris have traveled together around the world doing evangelism, teaching and Worship leading in conjunction with their Pastoring, encompassing the five-fold ministry.  Pastors of Christ Church and renowned international evangelists Pastor Anderson could not have accomplished so much in his ministry without the love of his wife, Sis. Anderson. She provides much support behind the scenes also giving tremendous Pastoral Care one on one to the saints of God.

   Rev. Mike Anderson is a renowned Gospel singer as well as Pastor. He has multiple recording projects to his credit. His most recent project Rev. Mike Anderson and the Christ Church Concert Chorale “We have the Power”. He is composer of many gospel songs particularly “ He that Overcometh” Pastor Anderson has presented to the Apostolic movement “I’ve Got a Feeling” The Lord came through” “He was more than just a man” and on and on a veteran singing in church since he was three years old. (son of International singing evangelist Helen Anderson Cole and Church builder Augustus G. Anderson) He has traveled the world training choirs to sing with fervency and mega energy,
his trademark style is anointed and fervent worship. Pastor and Sis. Anderson have made several missions trips over the past few years to the UK and France including a concert tour in London several years ago and leading Christ Church to sponsor a powerful Crusade in London 2008.

     He was also a guest host for many years on Houston Celebration Daystar Television with other guest appearances on TBN. He has also served as Announcer for the Endtime International Prophecy Conference for several years televised to an audience of millions. Most recently he along with the Concert Choir of Christ Church have participated in How Sweet the Sound. (search for the best choir in America) Gospel Music channel featured our choir’s story on “Road to the Finale” 2011. As well as promoting other events, and being one of the core groups in the magnificent drama “Healed in Houston” presented at the Toyota Center Houston General Conference 2010.

   They have one adopted son Jon Paul McDaniel who along with his wife Crystal, who are now Pastors of Christ Church with Pastor and Sis. Anderson, becoming Senior Pastors. The McDaniels, have three beautiful children, Jon Paul II, Kristen Rebecca and Savannah Ireland Jean. Having already witnessed Jon Paul II being Baptized in Jesus Name and received the Gift of the Holy Ghost! The
Grandchildren bring Great Joy to Pastor and Sis. Anderson.