Christ Church

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Church History

God has given Christ Church a good reputation, far surpassing their size.  All the glory goes to Jesus Christ for opening many doors of opportunity and giving Christ Church favor with others.  There is a Holy Ghost visitation from God in every service at Christ Church. The vision that started in 1951 continues to grow stronger and brings with it great blessings and promises for the future!

In March of 1951, the vision for this ministry was birthed in the hearts of Rev. Fred and Sis. Jean Olson. Because of the calling on Bro. Olson’s life to reach the lost, he along with his wife and baby son Rick, moved to Houston, Texas and started a church in the garage of their home on Radial Street. While they lived there, the Olson’s were also blessed with two daughters, Charlene and Kristene.

Bro. Olson, who learned the building trade while in the army, built their first church building, The Bible Church, located at 4524 Cosby Street, using his own hands, a hammer and a handsaw. In November of 1952, the Olson’s held their first church service in the new building. While pastoring, Bro. Olson continued working full time as a brick layer contractor, so the church would be established financially. It was a time of sacrifice for him and his family, but because of their unselfishness and devotion to God's work, God blessed their efforts with a church that steadily grew.

 The Cosby Street church continued to grow, and Bro. Olson soon realized it was time to build again. Designed and built by Bro. Olson himself, Gulfgate Pentecostal Church, located at 3315 Real Street, was completed in the spring of 1960. In 1964, a Sunday School wing was added.

Texas Bible College, located nearby, used Gulfgate Pentecostal Church for their chapel services and classes until they were able to move to their own campus.  Many TBC students have fond memories of attending Gulfgate through the years.  

 The Olson’s were passionate about winning souls, and helped many young evangelists get started in the ministry by holding revivals. These revivals were held 6 nights a week, and some continued for ten weeks at a time. As a result, many souls were saved and the church doubled in size. A faithful crew led by Sis. Jean Olson made peanut brittle every Monday morning for 12 years to fund the revivals and pay off the church mortgage.

 In June of 1989, the Olson’s son-in-law and youngest daughter, Rev. Michael J. and Kristene Anderson, felt God’s call to resign as Pastors of a large congregation in Parkersburg, West Virginia, and evangelize across the United States. They made Gulfgate Pentecostal Church in Houston, their home base. In October of 1990, after receiving the sad news that Bro. Fred Olson had become ill with cancer, Bro. and Sis. Anderson realized that God had brought them to Houston at the right time to assist Bro. Olson during his illness.

On April 11, 1991, Bro. Fred Olson, a great man of God who had been such a blessing to so many, passed away. Sis. Jean Olson was instructed by her husband to oversee the selection of a new Pastor. She and the Church Board brought Bro. Mike and Sis Kristene Anderson before the congregation on April 21, 1991. They were elected to be the new Pastor and Wife with 100% of the vote.


Sis. Jean Olson, who had in the past taken such a faithful role as Pastor's Wife, excellent Bible teacher, Musician, Choir Director, and one who supported her husband and congregation with her faithful service, was elected Pastor Emerita by the congregation. She has since married Rev. Robert Baker who is now a Senior Minister on staff. Christ Church broke ground on their property at 12815 Fuqua in 1991.

Under the leadership of Pastor Mike Anderson, the church embarked on their new endeavor to build the church that God had laid on Bro. Olson's heart. After many delays and setbacks to the building project, discouragement inevitably set in. Pastor Anderson then began to recall the teaching and learning experiences in his life. He was encouraged by his sweet wife, Sis. Kris Anderson to step out by faith. He asked a denominational church to rent or borrow their facilities so the congregation would have a place to have church.

God opened the door for the church congregation to share a building with First Baptist Church of Genoa, located near the property on Fuqua, until the Gulfgate building was sold. Like the children of Israel in the wilderness, many blessings and miracles were brought about during their building program. Souls were saved, and Christ Church increased and continued to grow. As an answer to many prayers, God miraculously provided the funds for the building project through several gifts.


Pastor Jon and Crystal McDaniel were both raised in Christ Church all of there lives.  Crystal McDaniel is the granddaughter of Fred and Jean Olson founders of the Church in 1951.   Pastor McDaniel while working in 13 years television as a director also served 15 years as youth pastor at Christ Church. In 2010 the Lord began to deal with Pastor Jon McDaniel and Sr Pastor Mike Anderson in bringing Pastor McDaniel into pastoral role of the church   In 2011, the Church celebrated its 60th anniversary, and Rev. Jon Paul and Sis. Crystal McDaniel, were installed as Pastors to take the church vision to the next level.   They, along with their staff, believe that the best is yet to come!