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Our Connect Groups offer a more personal Connection among smaller groups of people with similar interests. 


We have a variety of Connect Groups currently. If you see one you are interested in, please sign up in our Connect Room!

We would love to Connect with you!


with Jen Sexton

This group meets Bi-weekly on Tuesday evenings in the Church's fellowship hall, learning common signage and culture to reach the Deaf Community.

Ladies' Day Out

with Mary Davis

This lady exclusive group meets once a month for fun outings.

Sole Sisters

with Sis. McDaniel

This Ladies walking group meets once or twice a week on Tuesday evenings and Saturdays Mornings.

Random Adventures

on the Cheap

with Kara Barron

There's no telling what you'll be doing as this team leader makes spontaneous plans weekly as a group, or for you to do with your family. 

Gun Range 

with Kurtis Sexton

Please, See Kurtis for more details. 


with Ruben Barron

Please, see Ruben for more details.

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