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A man in desperate need of employment, answered an ad from the local  zoo for a helper. They were in need because the main attraction, Jeffrey  the gorilla, had died. They requested that the new employee would dress  up as a gorilla and pretend to be Jeffery until they could find a real  replacement. He slipped into the gorilla suit and began to play the part of  the gorilla. He became so overwhelmed with the role, swinging from vine  to vine, that he accidentally swung himself into the lions den that was  adjacent to the gorilla habitat.  

Fearful for his life, he called out from inside the gorilla suit hoping to be  rescued quickly before being eaten. As the lion grew near, he cried for 

help the more. Then finally he heard a voice from within the lion saying  “be quiet you idiot or you’re gonna get us both fired!”.  

Too often we dress up the outside pretending that we have everything  under control - such as family, career, friends, and finances. When the  truth is that on the inside we are crying for help.  

On this first day of prayer, the best place to start, in changing our world, is  to start within ourselves.  


What is overwhelming me?  

What do I need to trust God in?  

Guide for prayer time:  

Set a time for prayer each day  

Set a place to pray, such as a certain room in your home  Set an agenda for your prayer time  

During prayer, ask Him “Who can I bless or add value to today?”  

Tips on prayer:  

Get alone - Set your cell phone aside (no distractions)  

Bring a Bible - Focus on a few chapters  

Bring a notepad and pen/pencil - So if the Lord begins to speak to you,  you will be able to write down the thought or passages He tells you 

Pray - Start with worship, then move to repentance, praying in the Spirit,  petitions or request, and finally end with worship  

Listen - Take time, after you have spoken to God, to listen for His voice  that He may speak to you. This is a good time to meditate on the word  and be silent. (Psalm 119:97) 

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