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Have you ever thought of walking on a tightrope? Probably not. But if so, then there  are a few things worth mentioning to help you find your balance.


First is to focus on  your center of gravity.


Second, is to use your rotational inertia.


Rotational inertia is your  body's resistance to the change in its center of gravity that would cause it to rotate out  of control and fall off the tightrope. 

There are many days that feel like a balancing act. Trying to manage work, church,  family and other commitments can be extremely difficult. Seemingly everything you  come across is trying to push you off center and cause you to slip from your place. 

This is what the devil did when he caused Adam and Eve to sin in the garden. They  moved their focus from God and all He had given them and refocus on something that  would cause them pain and separation from His plan for them.  

As God entered into the garden to walk with man, in the cool of that day, Adam had  slipped from his place, because of his choice, and lost his position (sonship), power,  and authority in the earth. 

God even asked “Adam, where are you?” It was not that God did not know where he was, but did Adam really know what he had done to himself.  

Keeping Jesus Christ as the center of our life, affection, and priorities (Col 1:15-19) will help us safeguard ourselves from losing balance and facing a fall.  

The main thing is putting Jesus at the center of your life. Make the giver your focus, and not the gifts.  


Is there anything in your life out of balance? Such as finances, prayer time, faithfulness  to the house of God, and relationships, work or hobbies? 


Matthew 6:33  

“But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall  be added unto you.” 


2 Peter 1:1-8  

Today in prayer, remember the guidelines for prayer and ask God to sit on the throne  of your heart and everything in your life.

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