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Every time you watch a football game you see two teams coming out to battle, but in truth there are three teams that take the field. There is a Home  team, the Visiting team, and the Officiating team (nine officials who are to  referee the two other teams). The authority of the officiating team has been  given by Park Avenue in New York, the home or “kingdom” of the national  football league. They officiate from the book that has been given to them by that “kingdom” and not the opinions of those on the field. No matter the cries of the crowds, coaches or players, they rule from the book  (perspective) given them. They may be grossly out numbered, but they have all the Authority on the field. 

Looking around my world, I see that too many people are like players on the field, pushing and shoving their opinions for all types of issues: does God exist? what is right and wrong? Is there really sin?


They are trying to  validate their lives and opinions but Opinions in our world are just that,  opinions. And we as children of God cannot get caught up in the culture around us, no matter how loud the crowd cries, we must go back to what is the truth of God's word. It must take precedent in our lives, marriages,  families, employment, education, doctrine, etc.  

“Forever, O LORD, thy word is settled in Heaven” Psalms 119:89  

Our responsibility is to declare God’s word with boldness, and to live for God by the truth, values, and principles He has declared in His word - No matter who agrees or disagrees. Paul requests in Ephesians 6:19 “and also for me, that words may be given to me in opening my mouth boldly to  proclaim the mystery of the gospel.”  

The truth is… our world is sin sick, and the people around us need God, His word and His redemption in their lives. But this only comes from obeying the Gospel. The vessel that God chose to use to share His gospel is His church (you and me).  

Today in prayer, let us focus on these things:  

- To ignore the opinions of our culture  

- Obey the truth of God’s Word in our lives  

- Be sensitive to the leading of the Spirit  

- Ask for boldness to declare the Gospel to others

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